Jérôme Moussion



In 1998 Jerome Moussion started to dip into electronic music while studying Fine Art. Throughout the years he built himself a home-studio with quality decks.

He produced his first MAXI Vinyl 12inch [deepTONES] in 2011, which ranked several times in the Top 10 of international DJs. In 2012 the second MAXI 12” [freeFORM] was out: it ranked second in the Top 100 Underground at DJShop in Germany and was described as state-of-art music in Japan. “Artwork” is made by himself. The quality was top priority so the mastering was left to MB mastering (Paris) and Dance-All-Day (Germany) distributed it worldwile.

Following this success, he signed at the Italian label Vinyl Sounds Better of CR3S. In 2013 Jerome decided to take some of his decks to play a DeepTechno live, “playing without compromise on dynamics, vertigoes and depths”.